Freshen up your spring wardrobe!

Spring brings fresh flowers, warmer weather and of course, our favorite trends! From vibrant to pastel, from floral to gingham & from leather to suede we’re LOVING the variety this season is bringing!

OBSESSED is an understatement! Shop the look: the Floral Ruffle Sleeve Top ($24.99) and Suede Skort ($29.99). Pair with the Low Skinny Strap Heel ($28.99) and Fold Over Cross Body ($24.99) to keep the look trendy, yet preppy.

Gingham is here! Shop the Gingham Bodycon Dress ($38.99)! Accessorize with the Corduroy Cabby Hat ($12.99), 2.5″ Large Hoops ($8.99), Classic Crossbody Bag ($29.99) and Woven Peep Toe Wedge ($32.99). We love a fresh twist on classic pieces!

From sunrise to sunset, this dress is perfect for it! The One Shoulder Palm Dress ($29.99) is gorgeous! We belted it with the Wide Elastic Buckle Belt ($9.99) for an extra figure-flattering fit! The Woven Chunky Wedge ($32.99) and Double Zipper Wallet ($18.99) add the perfect finishing touches to this look.

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Spring Break – We love you!

Here are some looks that you NEED in you suitcase this spring break! Remember: Orders over $25 get FREE shipping!

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Hit the beach in this flirty number! The Ribbed Knot Bikini Top ($22.99) and Ribbed Tie Bikini Bottoms ($14.99) make the perfect pair! Accessorize with the Bead & Stone Necklace ($16.99) and any of our sunglasses (all $9.99)!

Sight-seeing ready! We paired the A Ruffle Life Denim Tank ($28.99) with some Print Shorts for a preppy vibe. The Swing On By Clutch ($19.99) and Wide Lens Gold Wire Sunglasses ($9.99) are the perfect touch of trend to this look!

Ok. We just have to say it. We’re OBSESSED with this bikini – a MUST HAVE for the beach going season! Shop the Embroidered Swim Top & High Waisted Embroidered Swim Bottom for only $18.99 each! The Chained In Love Body Chain ($7.50, originally $14.99), Sidewalk Stroll Sandal ($22.99) and Pointed Oval Beaded Drop Earring ($12.99)!

Gingham is in, and we’re loving it. The Checkered One Piece Swimsuit ($34.99) can double as a swimsuit AND a bodysuit (the scoop back detail is too cute)! Pair it with: the Wreck-reational Shorts ($29.24, originally $38.99), Cut Out Thong Sandal ($19.99) and Wide Brim Felt Hat ($16.99) to keep it chic!


Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for the Perfect Date

Whether you’re heading out for a lavish meal with your beau or celebrating your singledom with the girls, Sophie and Trey bring you best Valentine’s Day outfits. Remember, these ideas are perfect for whatever the night has in store.

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Relationship Goals – February Focus with Sophie & Trey!

Hello everyone! Each month we like to pick a topic to focus on to better ourselves individually & collectively as a company! This month we will focus on building stronger relationships with our friends, family, and boo-thangs! Here is a layout of each weekly focus!

We hope that you guys participate with us and follow along on social media for a daily inspirational post.

Week 1: Feb 1-8

Appreciate Others & Stay Positive
– Show your appreciation whenever someone helps you.
– Genuinely compliment the people around you when they do something well. This will open the door to great relationships at work and in your personal life.
– Appreciation for others helps you stay positive.
-Positivity is attractive and contagious and will strengthen all of your relationships.

Exercise for the week: Every time someone does something for you that made your life better or easier, acknowledge it!

Example: someone may retrieve coffee when you’ve left it lying somewhere or a neighbor smiles when you walk by. Start with the description of what they are doing, “you are so thoughtful to bring my coffee to me.”

Week 2: Feb 9-15
Manage your boundaries and say NO to gossip.
– All of want to have friends at work, but, occasionally, a friendship can start to impact our jobs, especially when a friend or colleague begins to monopolize our time.
-Set and manage your boundaries properly! Be assertive about your boundaries and know how much time you devote during the work day for social interactions.
-Don’t gossip – at work, at home, anywhere! Gossip is a major relationship killer.
– If you are experiencing conflict with someone, talk to them directly about the problem. Gossiping with other friends/colleagues will only exaggerate the situation and cause animosity between you and the person the issue is with.

Exercise for the week: Is it true, necessary, and kind? The next time you are tempted to gossip, to talk about someone else, stop for fifteen seconds and ask yourself the three questions (Is it true, necessary, and kind?). You’ll know what to do next.

Week 3: Feb 16-22
The 3 R’s for Conflict Resolution
–  Reflect  – Don’t respond immediately take a moment to reflect. Before reacting to any situation take a moment to reflect.  By taking a moment to reflect you are ensuring the other party feels heard and you give yourself time to take control over your emotions and future behavior.
Responsibility – “Response – ability” – literally means having the ability to choose your response. Your choices can have a huge impact on the world and specially your relationships. You alone have the responsibility to choose your response to any conflict.
Repair – When a relationship becomes damaged empower yourself to repair it. Find the strength in yourself to take direct action to repair the damage by showing empathy and asking forgiveness.

Exercise for the week:
When you find yourself about to react to a conflict.  Take the following steps:
1. Take 3 deep breaths and reflect.
2. Remind yourself you are the only one that can control your reaction.
3. Empower yourself to find the solution or common ground.

Week 4: Feb 23 – 28:
No Blame Family
– Take responsibility for your part in all situations.
– When you don’t take any responsibility for the issue you have no power in finding a solution.
– We tend to understate our responsibility in a bad situation.  If you make it a habit to overstate your responsibility in a situation it is much easier to find common ground with another person.

Exercise for the week: Every time you go to blame someone else STOP.  Look at your part in the problem and how you can help to find a solution.

 We hope you enjoy this challenge over the next month!
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Sophie & Trey!

What’s your weekend style personality?

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Sophie and Trey

The Brunch Queen 

You could eat brunch, all day every day. It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle! The brunch queen obviously needs her crown, aka our Sparkling Water Straw Hat ($18.99). Pair it with our new fave: the Polka Dot Jumpsuit ($39.99) for that effortlessly chic vibe. To accessorize: the Strappy Peep Toe Heels ($32.99), Sunglasses ($9.99) and the Stack Em Up Bangle Set ($12.99)!

The Go-Getter

Your motto is “Work hard, play harder” and you don’t slow down for anything! Coffee in one hand & phone in the other, you’re ready to take on what the day has to offer! We love a good flirty-chic look and the Floral Print Ruffle Sleeve Top ($29.99) adds the perfect feminine touch! Chic it up with the Straight Leg Trousers ($34.99) and any of our Studded Flats ($28.99). The Tassel Necklace & Wild Side Purse ($39.99) are the perfect accessories for this look.

The Cozy Sophisticate 

You are the effortlessly chic one in the friend group. You have a little PREP in your step, but also love to be comfortable! That’s why we paired the Round Neck Knit Sweater ($24.99) with the Scalloped Shorts ($28.99). We kept it simple with the Wooden Heel Sandals ($28.99) and Gold Accented Sunglasses ($9.99)!

The Happy Hour Pro

Wherever there’s a happy hour, you’re likely to be. The combination of the food, the drinks and the friends is the highlight of your weekend! The Wide Brim Felt Hat ($16.99) is a classic happy hour staple. We took the Good Side off the shoulder Romper ($34.99) and belted it with the Leather Skinny Belt ($9.99). To accessorize we kept things mod: Tipped Aviator Sunglasses ($9.99), Opal Moon Necklace ($18.99), Classic Crossbody Bag ($29.99) and Wonderland Bootie ($29.99)!